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What Our Clients Say

I would 100% like to recommend Alison Dalgity, and her team, at Dalgity Resilience and Training.  I went to see Alison at my lowest low, weighing in at approximately 265 lbs on my short 5’4′ frame.  I had just gone through a separation, and I was a complete mess.  Alison helped pick me back up and motivate me to become the best possible version of myself.  She knew when to push hard, and she knew when to switch things up to accommodate how things were going on any given day.  She is thoughtful in her approach, and she definitely won’t let you quit.  Training with Alison was one of the best investments in myself that I could have ever made!  I did multiple sessions with her, but the results started to show almost immediately.  She catapulted me into, not only a healthier lifestyle, but also a healthy state of mind.  I will be forever thankful for the work that Alison did with me.  I am now down 80lbs and I’m starting to look like a whole new person.  You won’t regret working with Alison and her team! 

Lisa P.

I joined Dalgity Resilience on opening day back in August 2020 and am currently still a happy gym goer. Simply put — it was the best decision I have made in a very long time. My history of failing to commit goes back years and years and this is the first time I was comfortable and happy in a gym setting. Having Alison as a personal trainer has been life changing for me. She not only helps you achieve physical goals – she’s helped improve my mental health so much with her encouragement. She has a way of making you see the small victories along the way which make the huge ones so much more exciting. You will not be disappointed if you choose to join Dalgity Resilience- this decision literally gave me my life back.

C. Logan

I met my “Trainer” Alison about 5-6 years ago. I had never been in a gym before so I needed a lot of help with my weight loss and my Fitness Journey. I had absolutely no idea what to expect. Alison was so patient with me. And told me to “go at my own pace”.  She explained everything to me, why and how to do my workouts. She is very knowledgeable. Walking in feeling tired and sometimes in a bad mood I would always walk out feeling motivated and feeling much better about myself. Alison would listen and care. Not only my trainer but also turned into a great friend.

Brenda C.

I’ve always been active and fit, but now that I am entering my 70th year I need workouts designed to meet a changing goal.  Balance, flexibility and strength together are going to help me age well and safely.  Lynne’s workout plans are interesting, challenging and safe…she puts a lot of thought into what would work for my specific physicality and needs.  I really enjoy working with Lynne. She motivates me to work hard and she makes it fun at the same time! 

Catherine M.

Recently, I felt a need to incorporate more stretching, flexibility and even relaxation into to my fitness routine and Courtneys class was the perfect solution.  I typically struggle with taking the appropriate time and effort to stretch and truly relax my body.  Courtney‘s Yin Yoga class guides the participant so well, you don’t even realize how much time has passed, you discover a level of stretch that rehabilitates tight joints and muscles and provides a sense of re-balancing that is so necessary these days.

Kristy W.

Steve is a very knowledgeable and friendly fitness professional. He motivates the members of his fitness classes with both positivity and enthusiasm. In his classes, Steve likes to challenge people to their limits but always ensures that there are exercise modifications available so that all fitness levels feel included and comfortable.

Chriss h.

Lynne has been such an amazing blessing in my life. Since I have been working with her I have felt completely transformed. I was expecting the physical change but was not expecting the mental growth. I was touched by her investment in me. It went beyond the time spent at the gym. I felt truly cared about. She is an absolute gem of a human. Her open mind and vast knowledge of people and the body make her an exceptional trainer no matter what your goals are. It’s been an amazing journey and I am forever grateful for you.

Natasha s.