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Nutritional Guidance

Courtney Marie

We have a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Metabolic Balance Coach on our team!  

Food is fun, it is the gateway to better health both physically and for your spirit. And yes, you can have chocolate cake without the guilt because you’re worth it. How great is that?

What Courtney can help you with is finding what works for you and your lifestyle.  Everyone is different, there is no one way of eating that is best for everyone, but there is a way of eating that is best for you, physically, mentally and emotionally. Courtney can help you tune into your body and listen to what it needs so you can eat accordingly and feel great! 

Courtney Marie, Registered Holistic Nutritionist.
Courtney Marie, Registered Holistic Nutritionist

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Courtney has many specialities but here are a few nutritional programs we can offer you.

Metabolic Balance

Cost $1195

Metabolic Balance is based on over 25 years of scientific research conducted by medical doctors, food scientists and nutritionists.  It is an all-natural program that considers over 36 blood markers, medical history as well as personal information to re-establish balance to your hormones, optimize your health and lead to long term, sustainable lifestyle changes. 

It is not a diet, but an individualized plan fit for your biological needs. 

What’s included

  • Personal coach 
  • Comprehensive health and lifestyle questionnaire 
  • Blood test for specific markers
  • Individualized nutritional program to fit your needs
  • Individualized meal plan with foods that fit your biological needs
  • Solid principles of healthy eating that will support you for life
  • 8 Individual coaching sessions
  • Access to the coach between sessions (text/email support)
  • Access to closed Facebook group to share, support and get inspired
  • Long distance and virtual coaching available 

Additional Services

The Feel Good Plan

Cost $695

If Metabolic Balance doesn’t resonate, and you feel your diet just needs some tweaking, this package will hit the spot. 

What’s included:

  • Personal coach
  • Comprehensive health and lifestyle questionnaire
  • Basic meal plan to support you goals
  • 3 Individual coaching sessions
  • Long distance and virtual coaching available

For more information please contact us.

On the Right Track

Cost $120

A one hour consultation that includes your comprehensive health and lifestyle questionnaire. High level recommendations will be given based on the results of your health history for you to move forward on your own to implement changes in your wellness journey. 

Initial Needs Consultation

Cost $45

30-minute chat to discuss goals, what holistic nutrition is and which program would be the best fit for you.  If you choose to move forward with a program the cost of this meeting will be integrated into the total cost.