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The main training room of Dalgity Resilience showing equipment, weights, etc.

Dalgity Resilience

A personal training studio in Almonte, Ontario that offers one on one personal training, small group personal training as well as small group classes.

Alison’s Team

Alison Dalgity has been a personal trainer since 2007. Following her own weight loss success, she felt compelled to help others that were living through the same struggles she experienced throughout her life.

Alison has built Dalgity Resilience to help others meet their fitness and wellness goals.

Something for Everyone

Find out more about the training formats we offer at our studio, including regular services and new classes.

Courtney Marie shown taking a bite out of a slice of watermelon.

Nutritional Guidance

We’re so delighted to introduce Courtney Marie, Registered Holistic Nutritionist.

Courtney offers a range of services that will help you feel your best.

What People Say

“I joined Dalgity Resilience on opening day back in August 2020 and am currently still a happy gym goer. Simply put — it was the best decision I have made in a very long time. My history of failing to commit goes back years and years and this is the first time I was comfortable and happy in a gym setting.”

The Aya Fern used in the Dalgity Resilience logo

About the Aya Fern

The Aya Fern is a hardy plant that is able to grow in challenging places and under difficult conditions.

It’s an important symbol for our work in personal transformation.